J2EE Technologies


Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI)

  •   Introduction to XML
  •   DTD - Data Type Definitions
  •   XML Syntax
  •   XML Parsers

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)

  •   Introduction to the Java Database API
  •   JDBC Drivers
  •   Database Connectivity
  •   JDBC Transactions

Java Transaction Services (JTS) and Java Transaction API (JTA)

  •   Introduction to the Java Transactions Services (JTS)
  •   Introduction to the Java Transactions API (JTA)

Java Messaging Service (JMS)

  •   Introduction to Messaging Systems
  •   Introduction to the Java Messaging Service (JMS) API


  •   Introduction to the JavaMail API


  •   Introduction to JavaIDL
  •   OMG IDL concepts
  •   Interoperability between CORBA based objects and J2EE based systems


  •   Introduction to the RMI/IIOP
  •   Issues in CORBA and Java RMI interoperability
  •   Integrating CORBA clients with J2EE servers
  •   Integrating Java RMI clients with CORBA servers

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