Web Designing Training

About Web Designing Training

By taking up this training course, students can learn the process of designing and developing a web site. Those who desire to get into the Web designer or Web master roles can participate in this program.

Candidates would learn

  • Working with clients
  • Web design patterns
  • Site development processes
    • Naming conventions
    • Purpose of a website
    • Planning the site

Design Principles

  • Design principles
  • Effective Page Layouts
  • Layout options
    • Using tables, layers, frames
    • Working with forms
    • Using CSS to add interest and flexibility to a design

Page Layout – Navigation

  • Principles of effective navigation
  • More than one way to navigate
  • Hierarchal organization
  • Task-based organization
  • Other ways to organize your navigation
  • Making navigation easy
    • Links, embedded and external
    • Error messages
    • High-visibility buttons

Color & Graphics

  • Using color on your pages
    • Flashing colors
    • Bright colors
  • Pros and cons of background colors
  • Contrast
  • Dimension vs weight
  • Wrapping text around a graphic
  • Using Background graphics
  • Banners and moving objects

Site Management

  • Site organization
    • Organizing associated files
    • Keeping prior versions
  • Directory structure and organization
  • version control

Soft Skills Development Training

• Positive Attitude Building
• Corporate Etiquette Training
• Time Management Skills
• Stress Management Skills
• Goal Setting & Target Orientation • Effective Communication & presentation Skills